About Dick Moberg

Dick Moberg Dick got interested in neuromonitoring almost 40 years ago when he started playing around with an old EEG machine in a neurosurgery research lab in Philadelphia. As a recent engineering graduate he was asked to set up a system so the neurosurgeons could start recording ICP on patients which he did using a pressure transducer connected to an ink-based chart recorder. Later he was asked to set up a system for monitoring EEG and evoked potentials during surgical procedures. At that time you had to build your own system by buying a signal averaging minicomputer from Nicolet, amplifiers from Grass, a paper tape reader, and an x-y plotter. That system was mounted into a large rack and rolled into the OR.

From this experience, Dick and electronics wizard Gary Trapuzzano, developed the first low-cost, microprocessor-based EEG and evoked potential monitor which sold world-wide. Over the years and two companies later, Dick and his colleagues are now developing a new information architecture for neuromonitoring data to combine multiple monitoring modalities in ways that provide the basis for advanced decision support methods.

Over the decades Dick and his friends have produced three generations of neuromonitoring products, an EEG simulator called The Grateful Head, an EEG-based game called BrainBall, realistic anesthesia simulators, cartoons, animations, educational videos and CDs, websites, t-shirts….and “Protect the Head” condoms….all to promote neuromonitoring.

What a long strange trip it’s been…